Parking Petition in Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe residents have told PAUL BRISTOW and local Conservative councillors - Cllr Sam Smith and Cllr Gul Nawaz - that ENOUGH is ENOUGH on parking.

As household and family sizes have increased, there are inevitably more cars. The estate was not designed to cope with this many cars. Responding to this the local Conservative Action Team have started a petition that calls on the Council to look at options to find more parking spaces in our area. A proper study needs to happen and the more support we receive locally the better the chance the Council will prioritise this.

Local Conservatives have been informed of:

  • Serious arguments breaking out as people look for limited parking spaces
  • Vulnerable residents who need to park close to their homes are worried about using their cars in case they will not be able park close by when they return
  • There have even been isolated cases of vandalism

Meanwhile, your local Labour councillor has had YEARS to resolve this but has been unable to achieve anything.

Local Conservatives prefer ACTION - we want parking in Ravensthorpe to be debated at the town hall.

We will demand action.