Toys R Us Eyesore Needs Cleaning Up

Dear Cllr Holdich,

I am writing to ask you for an update on plans relating to the burned out Toys R Us retail unit, and for you to use your influence to get the site cleaned up as quickly as possible.  It is an eyesore and I am concerned that it is having a detrimental impact on the image of our great City. 

I regularly use Peterborough Station - coming in and out of the City for work - going both north and south.  Travelling by train you get to see the sights of Peterborough as you come from London and also from the North.  I always get a comforting sense of home as soon as I see from the train symbols of our City.  The football ground, the Cathedral and the Faisen Medinia mosque all dominate the view as you come into our City by train.  Home is where the heart is.  Unfortunately the burnt out Toys R Us has now become another sight as you enter Peterborough.  This has to change.

The authorities have stated the fire started accidentally, and I know that Home Bargains have submitted plans relating to the site.  However, this has now become an urgent matter.  The burnt out shell is very close to the station.  First impressions count.  As investors, people in business, and others who may be interested in living in our City see such a sight, it could give a negative impression of Peterborough.  It may also make our own residents feel negatively as they come home.  Environment and scenery matters, and can even have an impact on mental heath.  

Moreover, having met the hard working and diligent security staff at the site, they have told me about the constant battle they face with drug users and vandalism on a nightly basis.  The empty burnt out shell has attracted people seeking shelter for the night and every day security see evidence of drug taking and people trying to break into the site.  They do a super job but the longer this goes on, the greater the health and safety risk. 

Let’s get this fixed.  I know that making the site  visually less depressing is the responsibility of the landowner and developers - but let’s get Home Bargains (or whoever occupies the site) moving as soon as possible.  Most of all let’s ensure the burnt out shell is made much visually appealing so the first thing people who enter our City see is not a burnt out retail unit.

You have my full support on this and will help you in whatever way I can.

Paul Bristow

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate