Save Barclays Millfield Branch Petition

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Barclays Bank have started a 12 week consultation on the closure of their branch in Millfield. 

The branch is heavily used by local residents, also local small businesses in the Millfield area.

Those businesses are often privately and family run enterprises who rely on the bank branch to a heavier degree than larger companies and chains. It’s particularly useful for depositing and taking out cash and handing in cheques.

Local residents who are unable to use internet banking will particularly harshly affected, as alternatives are a significant distance from the branch.

Resident and stalwart local campaigner John Peach is Chairing the campaign with Cllr Shazia Bashir and Ishfaq Hussain as Vice Chairs to stop the bank closing and asking for support from local residents and local businesses in the surrounding areas.

Fill in our survey below so that we can demonstrate the community’s support for saving Barclays Millfield.

Do you use and rely on the Barclays Bank branch in Millfield Peterborough?