The fantastic Caverstede maintained nursery

Really enjoyed visiting Caverstede Nursery School in Walton Peterborough today. A great start for our City’s children and they make me #proudofpeterborough

Elected member of health & social care committee

I have been elected a member of the Health and Social Care Select Committee 💪 👩‍⚕️ 🥼 
Very pleased to serve on a committee where I can make a difference.

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Tackling homelessness

This is just the beginning! I’ve got more plans in the pipeline to help eliminate homelessness in #Peterborough. #proudofpeterborough

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Royal Mail in Peterborough

Excellent to meet with Royal Mail to find out what their 5-year strategy means for #Peterborough. 📮

Also very positive to hear about the young people supported by the Action Blues programme, funded by the Royal Mail alongside Action for Children.

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Holocaust Memorial Day

It was great to attend in part the #HolocaustMemorialDay events and service in #Peteborough today. #WeRemember

Queen Katherine Academy turn around

Really enjoyed my time visiting Queen Katharine Academy Peterborough after the very positive OFSTED news. The message should go out loud and clear that this school is no longer one parents should avoid. 

Exciting times at UTC Peterborough

Peterborough is a working City - so it was fantastic to see the work being done by students and staff here at University Technical College.  

Peterborough needs a university specialising in STEM subjects - laying the foundations for our City’s future workforce. 

Tesco car parking u-turn

Let’s be clear - this was a very real threat as discussions around how to do this had already started with local businesses.