Eye Parish Council

Interesting evening attending Eye Parish Council, Peterborough learning about village issues and meeting local people with Cllr Steve Allen, Cllr Richard Brown and Cllr Nigel Simons - thrilled to see the Blue Boar Pub have a new football club for the village


Coffee Morning at the Pyramid Centre

Excellent coffee morning at the Pyramid Centre Bretton Peterborough with local councillor Cllr Scott Warren.

Talking to local residents about all sorts of issues. What can we do to make Bretton an even better place to live and work?

Conservative Friends of Nigeria

Delighted to attend the AGM of the Conservative Friends of Nigeria with Keith Prince AM and Andrew Boff AM with my good friend Godson Azu.

There is a strong Nigerian community in Peterborough who should be natural Conservatives

Andrea Leadsom MP visits Peterborough

I met with The Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP - the Leader of the House of Commone - today in Peterborough to talk about my plan for the City. 

Delivering jobs, investment, better roads and more school places. #proudofpeterborough

Visit to Thistlemoor Road Medical Centre

What more can the NHS in #Peterborough do to serve difficult to reach communities? The Thistlemoor Road Medical Centre serves 22,000 local people - a national example of how to do this.

Thanks to Dr Neil Modha & Dr Azhar Chaudary. We are lucky to have them #proudofpeterborough

Light Project Peterborough

After reading an article about the Light Project Peterborough, I visited the Garden House.

The work this charity does with rough sleepers in our city is truly inspiring - there is so much love and good in our City.


Visit My Mosque Day

I visited two of the City's Mosques on #VisitMyMosqueDay which was a wonderful experience.  

I have been to the Faizan-e-Madina a few times but it was my first visit to Masjid Khadijah at their open day and at the Masjid Ghousia

Thank you to everyone who showed me around.

Matt Hancock at Peterborough City Hospital

The Secretary of State for Health & Social Care Matt Hancock and I visited Peterborough City Hospital.

The staff in our NHS are doing a tremendous job and I will ensure our City gets its fair share of the extra £20 billion investment in the service