Safer Streets Survey

Will you help me make our streets cleaner and safer?


Tell me where we need to take action and clean up Peterborough, so I can work together with our Conservative Council and make sure our streets and roads are safer.


Safer Streets

  • 1 Current: Littering
  • 2 Anti-Social Behaviour
  • 3 Roads and Congestion
  • 4 General Questions
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Do you think there are enough public bins in your area?
What action should we take to tackle littering and fly-tipping?
Peterborough Council are proposing new Public Space Protection Orders - which would allow enforcement officers to issue fines to people who are caught littering, spitting, urinating or defecating in public. Do you support this?
Environmental Enforcement Officers have been given powers to tackle littering on our streets and inconsiderate parking outside schools. Do you agree with stronger fines with offenders?