About Paul Bristow

Paul was selected to be Peterborough's new prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives, having been selected at a meeting of party members on 19th October 2018.  We asked him a few questions:

Why do you want to be our MP?

"Peterborough is my City.  It’s the place I grew up, where I had my first job and where I joined the Conservative Party.  I owe this city so much.  Peterborough has so much potential and I want to play a crucial role in realising this."

What do you think needs to happen here in Peterborough?

"I have been listening to local people and understand that we need to do more to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour, create a cleaner and greener city, and of course do everything we can to ensure every pound of taxpayer’s money is spent well.  Peterborough is a great place to live and work and working with you - we can make them even better."  
But why the Conservatives?  

"People understand that you can’t measure how compassionate you are by the amount of money that you spend.  It is taxpayer’s money – not the Government’s or the Council’s.  It has to be spend well, and on the things that make the most difference for the most people. Conservatives instinctively understand this.  Labour do not.  Only the Conservatives will keep tax low, grow our economy, ensure local people have more cash in their pockets, and deliver better services."  

Who else has been a big influence on your life?

"Certainly my family, friends and almost everyone I have ever worked with or worked for. Meeting people and constantly learning is the best part of this job."
You mentioned work – other than politics, how do you make a living?

"I run my own public affairs and PR business centred around the medical device industry. Combine this with the fact my parents worked in the National Health Service for most of their lives, means I have a passion for the NHS and healthcare.

While staff working in the NHS do an excellent job and emergency treatment is usually first class, I am very concerned about what I see as failings in the service. Too many people in this country die earlier than they should do. Earlier intervention by the NHS, greater public awareness of conditions and proper investment in public health would save thousands of lives.  When all is said and done health outcomes matter a lot more than artificial targets dreamt up at Westminster."

Paul, you clearly work very hard, but what do you do to relax?

"Spending time with my daughter and my family will always be my number one priority.  They put up with a lot.  

Otherwise, I like to travel, enjoy eating out and love football and cricket."

Congratulations to Paul for winning the nomination of local party members, and we all look forward to working with Paul to become our next Conservative MP.