About Paul Bristow

I am proud to be from Peterborough.

My parents moved here to work in our local NHS. I grew up in Whittlesey and live in the city centre.

My plan for Peterborough is straightforward. We need our fair share of Cambridgeshire's new police officers. We need to raise standards in our city's schools. We need to stop our communities being used as dumping grounds.

We also need the ambition to dual the A47 and regenerate the Station Quarter and North Westgate.

For all that to happen, we must get Brexit through. We are so close and a vote for me really will make the difference.

Protest votes only help Jeremy Corbyn. It's vital that we get a Conservative government, so we can pass the new deal negotiated by the Prime Minister and move on.

This time, let's get it done.

Your candidate for Peterborough

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