Coronavirus Information


Peterborough is winning the battle against horrible virus – let’s keep going together. 

I know it’s been difficult during this lockdown. Some people have needed to shield or self-isolate. Others have been unable to see loved ones. Many are trying to work from home and are worried about their future.

On 23 March, the Prime Minister instructed the country to stay at home to protect the NHS. None of us have experienced anything like this in peacetime, if at all, but it was necessary to save lives.

Tackling this virus required decisive action – and it’s working. Your efforts are paying off. As hard as it can be, Peterborough is only getting through this because we have done the right thing, together. Please keep going.

I am incredibly proud of our local response. Every group has stepped up, from volunteers to businesses and, of course, our amazing NHS and care workers. Thank you for making us one city. If you can help, I’ve included some links below. 

Please continue to look out for each other. If you have vulnerable neighbours, friends or family, check that they are ok. For some, this is a very lonely time. 

Do stay safe yourself – and stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.


Please remember -only volunteer for registered organisations.

Peterborough Volunteer Centre

01733 342683 or 01733 311016

Peterborough Council COVID-19 Volunteers

NHS Peterborough Volunteer Responders

Age UK Peterborough

The details on this website were updated on 21/02/2020. The Government website has all of the up to date Government advice.