Peterborough's Platinum Jubilee Book of Celebration

Peterborough, along with whole of the United Kingdom, the Dependencies and Territories, the Commonwealth of Nations, and people right across the world are joining together to Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Her Majesty The Queen has been a constant presence in the lives of nearly every one of us, and along with the people of Peterborough, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to her on her reign. This is the first time this country has come together to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, and we celebrate not just length of service, but a lifetime of incredible achievement and dedication.

I would like everyone in Peterborough to be able to come together to celebrate the jubilee - so I am launching the Peterborough Platinum Jubilee Book of Celebration. The book will be made up of your comments and well wishes and will be presented to Her Majesty. 

This will allow you, your neighbours, and everyone across Peterborough to be part of the celebrations. Please complete your entry below and join in this once in a lifetime event!


Peterborough's Platinum Jubilee Book of Celebration

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