Tackling unlawful migration

Thousands of undocumented people are attempting to cross the Channel every year - crammed into small boats by evil people smugglers.  Many make it - but tragically some also drown and lose their lives at sea.  These criminal smugglers are making money from human misery.

The Government are attempting to tackle this through processing some off shore in Rwanda.  This is designed to remove the incentive to come here illegally, destroy the people smugglers business model and save lives.

However, others argue that we shouldn’t send people to Rwanda.  That we shouldn’t tackle unlawful migration this way - we should open up safe routes - and some even argue for open borders.

I want to know what you think?

Tackling unlawful migration

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Do you think we should process the asylum claims of those coming illegally in small boats - off shore - in Rwanda?
Would you support an open border policy which is often suggested as an alternative approach?