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Worst city fake poll

There are lots of joke websites on the internet and silly surveys on Facebook. Most are harmless enough. I don’t mind that.

But when it comes to some of these polls, national newspapers pretend to take them seriously, because the story makes good “copy” in journalists’ lingo. 

Visiting Salaam Radio

This was just a little bit awesome - sat in the hot seat at Salaam Radioin #Peterborough. Microphones and flashing lights! 

Thanks to the guys for letting me pretend to be a radio presenter for a few mins during my visit today.

Postal votes are going out

Postal votes are going out. Labour MPs keep letting our city down ?. Vote for me, let’s inject some energy & enthusiasm into our great city and #GetBrexitDone ? ??

Out In Thorney

Big team out in #thorney #Peterborough today campaigning for yours truly. Thanks to James Palmer Stewart Jackson Steve Barclay and many others for the support today.

We are going to turn #Peterborough blue!

Addressing The Issues In Bretton

Quite a few teams out and about in #Bretton today - and one of the best receptions for Boris Johnson Conservatives and yours truly we have ever had in #Peterborough.

Building on hard work of Scott Warren Chris Burbage Councillor for Bretton and Chaz Fenner For Bretton

Knocking on Doors in Welland

It was pouring with rain today but we were out knocking on doors in Welland, #Peterborough.

So many people supporting Boris Johnson wanting to #GetBrexitDone and supporting my vision for my home City


Cleaning up Cuckoo’s Hollow

Big thank you to all the volunteers who clean up Cuckoo’s Hollow on a regular basis. Local people from Gunthorpe and Werrington all help out!