Worst city fake poll

There are lots of joke websites on the internet and silly surveys on Facebook. Most are harmless enough. I don’t mind that.

But when it comes to some of these polls, national newspapers pretend to take them seriously, because the story makes good “copy” in journalists’ lingo. 

My maiden speech to the House of Commons

Today I gave my maiden speech in the House of Commons as Peterborough’s champion.

We live in a great city but it can be even better!


Talking Kashmir with the Foreign Sec’

Last night I met the Foreign Secretary about injustice in Kashmir and Jammu.

I promised to take this issue straight to the top — and that is what I am doing!  We need to restore Article 370 and 35A and respect human rights.

Visiting Salaam Radio

This was just a little bit awesome - sat in the hot seat at Salaam Radioin #Peterborough. Microphones and flashing lights! 

Thanks to the guys for letting me pretend to be a radio presenter for a few mins during my visit today.