We’ll get through this together

The Coronavirus epidemic is the most serious emergency the UK has faced in several generations. The social-distancing restrictions go further, in many ways, than those in wartime. Everyone has been affected...


We need more cardiac services in Peterborough

It shouldn’t be the case that Peterborough and Fenland patients are routinely sent to Cambridge for angioplasty and other cardiac services - I want to see some of these services delivered locally in #Peterborough and have asked the Secretary of State Matt Hancock to support me.

Witch-hunt against veterans must end

Peterborough has a strong military tradition. Many former members of our armed forces live in our city, including veterans of various conflicts stretching back to the Second World War.

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Time to value workers in social care

Many of my constituents work in social care. This profession is just as important as our NHS in helping to support our community. Those working in care homes and in the community across our city should know they are valued, just as we value our hard-working doctors and nurses.

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We need Bobbies on the beat in Peterborough

We all know that there’s much to be done to tackle crime and crack down on anti-social behaviour, writes Paul Bristow, prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate.