Life sciences investment in Peterborough

Peterborough is a City on the up! 

Yesterday I visited the life sciences company Coloplast who are investing in my City by opening a £9 million distribution centre to secure its services to customers 


Exciting plans for gym expansion

Enjoyed meeting Peterborough bodybuilding legend Nabil Athman at Legends Fitness Dogsthorpe with the superb Ishfaq Hussain who is a fine champion for this part of my City.

Exciting plans for expansion and a new site!

WATCH: Monday Night Bristow

Layin’ the smackdown

Bully-boy wrestler Joey Scott called me out whilst visiting our great city. Joey seems to have a problem with Peterborough but I won’t be bullied and neither will my constituents.


Stepping into the wrestling ring

Bit battered and bruised but what a great show at the New Theatre Peterborough - proud that professional wrestling is back in Peterborough. 

Showed bully Joey Scott that I will stand up for our City. It’s a special place. 

Hare coursing law must apply to everyone

This is a crime that doesn’t get much attention – certainly not compared to climate change activists blocking roads in Cambridge and, bizarrely, digging up University lawns, writes Peterborough MP Paul Bristow.

Read full article here

Ask your MP on Salaam Radio

Loved the first #askyourmp show on Salaam Radio with my friend Amir Suleman. 

Very challenging but professional as always as we tackled #Islamophobia and #Kashmir. 

Listen to it on Salaam Radio Facebook page

Time to value workers in social care

Many of my constituents work in social care. This profession is just as important as our NHS in helping to support our community. Those working in care homes and in the community across our city should know they are valued, just as we value our hard-working doctors and nurses.